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April 13, 2013


Not Always A Fantasy

Brand new Seeking Quiddity tune! This one is extra special to me, as it's the first song I EVER wrote back when I was 15. Decided to give it a little rework and let it shine! This is also the very first time SQ has recorded with a real drummer! Making some SQ history here!!

January 29, 2013


Always A Fantasy

In the studio again with Kevin Williams, working on a track for the upcoming album. This one happens to be a revamp of the first song I ever wrote as a song writer that never made it on the first album. Very pleased to be revamping this tune and putting it on a record, it means a lot to me and is a important piece of SQ's history.

January 11, 2013


Love To Hear Percussion

Vaaga Mund is joining us in the studio to lay some drums tracks down for the new SQ album. This is the first time SQ's recorded with a live drummer! (Though ironically, we started with his electronic kit for an upcoming song with a Trip-Hop vibe). He's killing it in here, so excited!

March 5, 2012



One of my favorite duet partners and I doing a version of Broken by Seether (feat. Amy Lee).


February 11, 2012


Perfect For Me

Finished a brand spankin' new SQ original track still warm from last night's studio adventures!! One step closer to the new album!

L O A D I N G . . .