About the Band


Quiddity; noun; inflected forms: pl .quid-di-ties 1. The real nature of a thing; the essence. 2. A hairsplitting Distinction; a quibble.

True essence, something we all search for. We do it through our relations with friends and family, or we do it through travel or art. But this is about someone who is seeking it through music. The musician is Seeking Quiddity. the name implies the inherent quest, for the real nature of one’s self. music that comes from your soul is something that can transcend the corporeal and the reality of perception and sometimes give us a tiny peek into the depths of ourselves and others. To understand one’s self is the driving force behind all of the actions of the human creature, we all desire to transcend ourselves away from the mundane and shallow and to perhaps see into our own soul. This is why we are all Seeking Quiddity.

The Sea of Quiddity, from the works of the fantasy/horror master Clive barker, has its influences felt in this music. the Sea of Quiddity is a place that we only ever visit three times in our lives. The night we are born, when we first sleep next to our true love, and the night we die. In these moments we are brought into the sea of dreams where we see and become what we truly are in our hearts. This music is an attempt to perhaps peek into that world, searching for even a fleeting glimpse of the truth of being.

[Excerpt by Jason Sluzewski]


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